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The Documentary Series - Exploring the Canine Condition

the filming
the series
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Here are some of the dogs

we encountered and helped rescue on our journey filming

The Canine Condition.​​  Their

stories and the people involved

in their lives helped inspire

this continuing story.

The Canine Condition is currently in post production. The 5 minute sneak preview

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Our Journey...

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We began this journey three years ago.  We traveled around the United States to explore the current canine condition.

Here are some of the moments

captured behind the scenes

​and on the road...

Rescued Dogs 
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The Canine Condition is a documentary series addressing the homelessness & abandonment of dogs in the United States today. This series will focus on who is taking action around the country to improve the canine condition and how to prevent further overpopulation and neglect of man's best friend.