EPISODE 8 - Much More Than Just A Hound Dog


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EPISODE 15 - Set Me Free, Why Don't You?

EPISODE 5 - Calling All Canines & Their Humans

EPISODE 4 - Who Is Man's Best Friend

EPISODE 13 - Take A Chance On Me

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EPISODE 7 - A Model Citizen

EPISODE 16 - Safer Together

EPISODE 2 - He Said. She Said.

EPISODE 14 - Take A Chance On Me

EPISODE 1 - How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

EPISODE 3 - Passionate Paws Healing Hearts

EPISODE 9 - Rock-A-Doodle Baby

Hosted by canine documentarian Jacqueline Piñol - The Canine Condition podcast is a platform to bring awareness to dog adoption and provide all dog lovers and pet owners with information and resources on how to raise a healthy and well balanced dog. If you are thinking about getting your first dog, or just want to know where and how you can help a dog in need, this is also a place for you.

EPISODE 11 - Just What Dr. Ordered

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EPISODE 12 - Tails Rescued Tails Told


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EPISODE 6 - The Angel Among Us

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